RubyMotion workflow support in Redcar Editor

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Current Version: 0.9.1





Fresh Install

  1. Close Redcar
  2. Run the following script to checkout the latest release
    cd ~/.redcar/plugins
    git clone git:// rubymotion
    cd rubymotion
    git fetch origin && git checkout [current version]
  3. rm ~/.redcar/cache/textmate-bundles.cache (Only necessary if there is a not a MacRuby or RubyMotion TextMate bundle installed in ~/.redcar/Bundles)
  4. Start Redcar


  1. Close Redcar
  2. Run git fetch origin && git checkout [current version] in ~/.redcar/plugins/rubymotion
  3. Start Redcar


Installing this plugin will add a new 'Cocoa' submenu to the Redcar menu bar.

Syntax checking is performed on file save, and generates red squiggly lines when a syntax error is found. Hovering over the error icon will show the error message.

New File Templates can be access from the New... menu. An open file can be saved as a template by using Save as Template.

Primary Commands:


Documentation Launcher

Terminal Emulator

Build Options

Opening Links

Syntax Checking and Highlighting

File Templates


Please file an issue on Github if you have a bug or suggestion. :)